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Every picture tells a story. That has been my motto for a long time. I try to help my clients find their story and together we tell it.

The High school senior who is beginning to figure out his role in the larger world. The loving couple celebrating their engagement. Later on the big day... the nervous anticipation all the way through to the chicken dance at the reception. Networking at a conference where you know no one, making that first strong connection. Getting a candid shot of the kids playing tag after the family portrait. I love these things, and I love to share them.

Are you selling a product? Let's create a lifestyle shoot. Real people in a real world situation with your product. Let's tell a story together.

All images copyright Jason Richards. All rights reserved. 

Jason Richards is a Charlottesville based photographer covering most of Central Virginia.

He is a veteran with a wide variety of experience, having shot Weddings, Private Events, Studio and Natural Light Portraits, Boudoir, Product and Lifestyle Photography. Jason is great with children as well as adults, and is always professional.



Booking - 434.226.0245

Every job is different and as such there is no "one rate fits all" price. Some smaller jobs may benefit from a by the hour or by the photo approach, while larger events like weddings or conferences may benefit from a day rate or a package price. Call or email with an inquiry and lets meet to discuss your needs. We can find an option for most budgets. If you don't feel like leaving a voice message, fill out the form below. Either way I will reply quickly and schedule a meeting.


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